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s300 cx3
Blade mCX and SR300
The best way to learn to fly is with a co-axial helicopter and the Blade
mCX and S300 provide a great way to get started. Either of these two offer
a stable platform and limited manoeuvrability, the ideal way to get used to
the controls and the orientation involved in RC flying. They can be flown
indoors in a relatively small space.
Blade CX3 RTF
The CX3 is the next step up in the E-Flite Blade range of helicopters. With
this heli you will be able to attempt flying outdoors allowing you to learn
how to deal with the wind and the way it effects your model in flight. This
heli is a little more powerfull and a little more sensatrive increasing the
controll you have during flight.
Blade mSR RTF
Having mastered the coaxial helicopters, and now looking to improve your
skills the mSR is the perfect helicopter. The mSR is a more nimble and
sensitive platform that allows you to get to grips with the speed and agility
that helicopters have to offer.
CP Pro 2
CP Pro 2 Blade 400
Blade CP Pro 2
The CP Pro 2 offeres a featured packed design with incredible out of
the box performance. The CP Pro 2 gives you full control of the heli, allowing for
full on aerobatic manouvers to be performed. After mastering the coaxial
helis and the mSR this is the next step in heli’s.Intermediate to advanced
pilots will enjoy testing their aerobatic skills with the Blade CP Pro.
Blade 400 3D
For those who have mastered the basics of flight on smaller micro helis
and want to further their skills the Blade 400 3D provides the ideal platform
to simply taking the first steps into more advanced sport and 3D aerobatic
flight. Completely assembled and ready to fly right out of the box the Blade
400 3D is packed with state-of-the-art features.
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