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In The Box Everything you need to get started is inside the kit, from the charger to the batteries you need to power the 2.4 GHz transmitter. A
small bundle of spares are included in the event of a small knock that could damage/break the most vunrable parts.
  More Power Charger and Power Supply Transmitter Batteries and Spares
  More Power
Extra capacity keeps you in the air longer.
The mSR comes complete with two
120mAh single cell Li-Po flight battery
packs. Nine percent more capacity than
previous micro packs and over double the
power in total supplied with mCX’s.
Charger and Power Supply
The Celectra 4-Port single cell charger can
charge up to 4 single cells at a time and
has the versatility of itself being powered
internally by four D size batteries or by the
included mains 6 volt 1.5 amp power
Spektrum 2.4Ghz
Full four channel control comes from the
Spektrum™ 2.4Ghz DSM2 transmitter.
Digital trims feature and of course there’s
all the benefits of Spektrum’s crystal-less
ultra-reliable system. Simple to use – just
turn on and fly.
Batteries and Spares
Batteries for the transmitter are included as
well as a spare tail rotor, flybar, body
grommets, screwdriver and a handy precision
swashplate calibration tool. This tool is used
when rebuilding to ensure rotor head and
swashplate linkages are correctly spaced.
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