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Blade mSR Overview
Blade mSR

Fun. Fast. Agile.

The “next step” ultra-micro heli for coaxial pilots.
The Blade mSR is a single rotor, ultra-micro helicopter weighing in at less than one ounce ready to fly. Completely factory assembled and flight tested you can be in the air with this agile heli in the time it takes to charge the first battery.

And once that flight is over because the included charger can handle four batteries, and the heli is supplied with two, you can just carry on flying!

Designed from the ground up and building on the earlier success of the Blade mCX and mCX S300, this great little heli really takes the ultra-micro concept to the next level. With a compact 180mm rotor span, the mSR provides pilots with an awesome level of performance and excitement with its increased agility and speed over co-axial micros.

A unique rotor head design provides the same inherent stability of traditional co-axial (twin-rotor) helicopters, but thanks to a fixed-pitch bell-hiller design the mSR can deliver a much more responsive and spirited performance. The kind of performance that would normally only be associated with larger single-rotor models.
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